Ultimate Graphic on Ordering Upholstery Fabric by the Yard

Ultimate Graphic on Ordering Upholstery Fabric by the Yard

How much fabric do I need? Did I order too many yards? Did I order too little?

Here is the ultimate graphic guide to purchasing upholstery fabric by the yard for your next sofa or stool.


 (Via: The lovely Folks over at Honey & Fitz have let us calm the DIY fears and even have a downloadable version.)

And here is the graphic on ordering upholstery fabric for a chair:

(Thank you to K & G Upholstery for this graphic http://www.kgupholstery.com/index_files/page4344.htm)

Most of our upholstery fabrics here at www.topfabric.com are approximately 55"- 60" wide. They are cut from a continuous roll that goes on from 25 yards to 120 yards depending on the fabric. 

For example, if you chose a 55" wide fabric, one yard would be equal to a 36" by 55" cut, two yards would be 72" by 55", three yards would be 108" by 55", etc.

When we cut our fabric, we like to give our customers generous cuts, but we always recommend ordering an extra yard or two just in case (Its better to order it all at once so you don't have to pay for shipping twice). Also, some of our designer pattern fabrics have repeats and you might want to place a certain part of the fabric design at a specific part of your chair or sofa (see more on repeats here: https://topfabric.com/blogs/news/94145665-top-fabric-blog-apartment-therapys-guide-to-upholstery-fabric ).

We carry 120" wide "double width" fabric as well, but most of those fabrics are more for curtains and drapery, or tabletops and wall coverings.

See more fabrics on our Etsy shop: TopFabric

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