Malasana - Printed Damask Upholstery Fabric by the Yard

Malasana Upholstery Fabric - A collage pattern printed on the fabric. The fabric has a backing.
Perfect for drapery, pillows, cushions, tabletop, chairs, and the other upholstery projects.

Width: 55"
Length: By the yard (36")
Shipping: Rolled
Content: Polyester


To buy a roll of 4 yards with a special price, please go to the link below:

*Malasana is the Sanskrit name for this posture. The breakdown for the Sanskrit name is as follows, “Mala” meaning “Garland”, and “Asana” meaning “Posture or Pose”. ... As a result, this pose is also called Garland Pose and many simply refer to the posture as “Yogi Squat”